Gel-e provides you with the tools to run your business at an enterprise level, with a small business cost.

Not only do we provide your business with what it needs at an affordable price, we also offer each new customer a one month free trail.

Take a look below at what you are getting when you sign up for Gel-e today!

Clients Dashboard
Administration Library
Tasks Dashboard

There are many areas to explore within your Gel-e site.

The Homepage includes a Company Image, a Newsfeed which has social collaboration features, such as like and comment, and a view of your Company Calendar.


The Clients 'Module' includes a dashboard which gives an overall view of all information and documents relating to your clients. Buttons to add new clients, client contacts and client files make it quick and easy to get all the information you need into your site.


There are eight company libraries within your site (Administration library pictured above).

Each of these libraries is a place to put all information and documents relating to that area of work.

Each of these libraries is secure so that only the people who have pre-set permissions to that library can view and access the information and documents inside.


There are many more features and areas to explore within your Gel-e site.

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Before you sign up with Gel-e, there's a couple of things you need to know.. 

Firstly, as Gel-e is a templated solution delivered on SharePoint, you must have Office 365 in order to utilise all SharePoint and Gel-e have to offer.

If you want to know more about Office 365 you can contact us either via email or phone.

If you do already have Office 365, ensure you use the "I do have Office 365" button when signing up. If you do not have Office 365, do not fret! Simply use the "I don't have Office 365" button when signing up and we will handle the rest for you.

Secondly, there are nine modules to choose from when you sign up for Gel-e:

You can select up to two modules for your Gel-e site.

Thirdly, each Gel-e site includes a page of Useful Links

When signing up for Gel-e, you can specify up to 10 links you would like to have in your site.

All you need when signing up is the name and URL of the site.

So how do you sign up? It's easy! Just click on the appropriate button below, fill out the form and we'll contact you!

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