Gel-e provides enterprise level solutions at an affordable price.

Our aim is to develop long term relationships with partners and clients without breaking their budget. 

In Keeping with Cloud service pricing the gel-e Solution is Delivered via a modest set-up fee, plus an on-going monthly 


To utilise the Gel-e solution and services, you must have an Office 365 subscription.

If you do not currently have an O365 subscription, please click here for Microsoft's information and pricing on O365.

Please see the pricing guide below for set pricing. 


Templated Solution

$499.00 when you sign up for 12 months

$249.00 when you sign up for 24 months

FREE when you sign up for 36 months

Monthly Fees

1 User:

$25.00 business cost per month

$15.00 per user per month

2 Users:

$60.00 + GST business cost per month

$13.50 + GST per user per month

3 - 5 Users:

$90.00 + GST business cost per month

$12.00 + GST per user per month

(For Users 3-5)

6 - 20 Users:

$140.00 + GST business cost per month

$10.00 + GST per user per month

(For Users 6-20)

21+ Users:

$290.00 + GST business cost per month

$8.00 + GST per user per month

(For users 21+)

*For a year of fees paid upfront, a 10% discount applies

*For 50+ users a 10% discount applies

*For 100+ users a 20% discount applies

*All prices listed are exclusive of GST

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