OUR MISSION is to simply and cost effectively provide businesses enterprise level cloud business solutions and consultancy, by leveraging Microsoft cloud tools provided via the O365 Platform.  

We will provide customers with a SharePoint Online solution that delivers efficiencies, accessibility, cost savings, business intelligence and a single source of the truth. 

The team here at Gel-e were looking for a better way to run our businesses using leading edge technology, improved security and lower overheads.

We still wanted to use our familiar office apps, like Word and Excel, but we didn’t want the risks associated with storing our files on a local drive or server.

Microsoft was thinking the same way in providing the world-leading Office 365 online platform, and so we formed Gel-e and became Microsoft Cloud Partners.

Now as a team we provide an App based interface and service which we’ve engineered to make life a lot easier for you and your staff. Gel-e delivers the latest technology, security and office convenience in an easy to use package of Apps that will transform how you run your business.